Prince Edward County Authors Festival PRESENTS

Wednesday May 13th, 2015 at 7:00pm
Lipson Room above Books & Company
289 Main Street, Picton
Light refreshments will be served.

The Battlefield of Ontario Politics
An Autobiography

Join us as Greg takes us through the many colourful challenges of his long and extraordinary career, and share the startling facts and opinions newly revealed in his candid and provocative memoir. First elected in 1985, Greg Sorbara has enjoyed one of the most successful careers of any Ontario politician. He was appointed minister of finance by Premier Dalton McGuinty in 2003, and served as campaign chair for the Liberals’ three consecutive election victories — the first time that had happened in more than a century. In April 2014 he was appointed chancellor of York University.

This is a must read for anyone interested in Ontario politics. Greg Sorbara takes us on the roller-coaster ride of the past three decades encompassing seven premiers, three different parties in power, and a sea change in the province’s economic and political culture. To accompany us on the ride, there is a rich supply of insider anecdotes from someone who was directly involved in all the changes. – Ian Urquhart Former Queen’s Park columnist for the Toronto Star, 1997 to 2007

“A senior player at the top of Ontario’s Liberal Party and Liberal governments, killfully woven a personal and political memoir leaving few stones unturned. Sorbara takes the lid off leadership conventions, election strategies and big-ticket policy making, as well as the twists and turns of political fortune in the political lives of Peterson, McGuinty and Wynne.” – Tony Dean Cabinet Secretary and Head of the OPS (2002-2008) Professor at the School of Public Policy and Governance at U of T